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Nov 1, 2013 1:00pm EDT
're watching live coverage from our nbc station in los angeles, knbc, of an incident still unfolding at los angeles international airport. i'm scott cohn in the cnbc newsroom. 9:30 west coast time, 12:30 eastern time there were reports of shots fired in terminal three at lax. that's the terminal that serves aleen allegiant, front tier, jetblue, virgin australia. what we know we believe what people have been injured. there are multiple reports about the suspect, whether he or she is injured, in custody or whatever. as you've seen from knbc there is a triage unit being set up outside terminal three and it appears as if air traffic at lax is shut down, so that's yet another effect of this, as it continues to unfold. let's go back now to more live coverage from knbc. >> -- with you right now we want to connect with nick hugh, we're told he was at the airport at lax when this shooting occurred. nick, are you joining us? >> yeah, i'm here. >> you can tell us what you saw? >> yeah, i was in the virgin america terminal waiting in line for security on the upper mezzanine, and we were just standing t
Nov 20, 2013 1:00pm EST
've been in seattle a few years and recently expanded to los angeles and are growing the neighborhoods that they're serving in los angeles right now. and there have been plenty of reports they're looking up to 20 more markets in the next year or two. >> jason, thanks a million. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> jason del ray. check out the yahoo! finance question of the day. would you buy amazon branded supermarket goods, 39% say sure if they're better and cheaper, 7% say no, 55% say no, i don't buy my groceries on-line. ty? >> interesting. very interesting stuff. i actually like going to the grocery store. that's one of my little pleasures of the week. all right. folks, up next, an update from the floor of the new york stock exchange where sue is, plus the bond report, mr. santelli, and real life rock star. >> coming up, power pitch. this rock climbing duo wants to scale their business to new heights but do they have what it takes to rope you in? stay tuned to find out. >>> time for the power pitch. entrepreneurs 60 seconds to make their pitch and our panelists will decide whether they
Nov 11, 2013 1:00pm EST
in los angeles and new york a little later this week. so what does this mean for amazon? >> might seem like an odd pairing, innovation and the postal service, but it could help both here. it's interesting, three things that jeff bezos the ceo likes to talk about are price selection and speed and the shipping issue sunday delivery really speak to speed. amazon had about almost $3 billion in losses from shipping costs so it's clearly something they want to invest in. speed particularly important in some of the home good areas where amazon's trying to move in. if you're not sure whether you're going to order that cereal or something like that from amazon, if you know you can get it in a couple days, maybe on sunday, you're probably more likely to order it. >> just in time for the holiday shopping season too. you know a lot of people are saying this is an absolute lifeline for the u.s. postal service. what do you think? >> i took a look at some of the numbers here, sue, and last year, looks like the postal service lost nearly $16 billion. i took a look at their annual report to congress fo
Nov 13, 2013 1:00pm EST
los angeles and san francisco, but i think his hands are full right now. >> i'm not an engineer, but seems like you would have to generate so much power and heck, the history of some of these lithium ion batteries has not been all that comforting to flyers or drivers. >> no. those batteries not comforting at all. some fortuitous timing to announce this idea or put forward this idea after this string of news tesla it itself has had in recent days. i don't really feel comfortable with it quite yet but the guy has shown he has a good record. >> we don't have to worry about it for a while. bank branches are shrinking as more consumers make the move to mobile banking. is there any debate, kayla, this is the future of banking? i am stunned that banks still have so many walk-in branches. >> it's funny but when you have a really complex problem, tyler, there's no place you would rather go than to speak with a person face to face. we heard from brian moynihan and tim sloan and they said the branch isn't going away. it might get smaller and be the size of your dry cleaners rather than the
Nov 14, 2013 1:00pm EST
the country. lockheed shares on fire this year, up 50%. jane wells live in los angeles with more. jane? >> reporter: hey, robert. the stock was down, but now it's up. ceo marilyn houston says, quote, i regret these actions, actions that include 4,000 job cuts, four facilities closing, downsizing of another, all to be completed by mid-2015. now, a lot of these jobs are in space, missiles, information systems. and the company is offering to help those who are let go with job placement assistance and severance which will result in a 35 cent a share charge for the current quarter. for example, in akron, more than 80% of the jobs will be cut there. and everything closed except for the air dock, which you see there. houston says lockheed has already reduced its work force by 30,000 employees in five years. and after these closures, it will have reduced its footprint by 4 million square feet. quote, there is more work we must do to help our customers achieve their missions and prepare for the continued reductions in u.s. government spending. wells fargo says lockheed continues to reduce its c
Nov 19, 2013 1:00pm EST
. will the investigation put a dent into future sales? phil lebeau to answer that question for us at the auto show in los angeles. phil? >> hi, tyler. what's interesting is we're hearing a lot from elon musk on twitter today. we'll give you a taste of that in a little bit. let's focus on what this investigation regarding the model s is about. it's focusing on two battery fires here in the u.s. one last month just outside of seattle, washington, that's where this video is from, and another one earlier this month in tennessee. both of those fires are the focus of the investigation. by the way, nobody was hurt or killed in either of those fires, of which elon musk referenced on twitter today, he's been tweeting out about the fact that they are now the focus of an investigati investigation. he writes what makes this incredibly unjust is that the model s to date has the best safety record of any car on the road an then puts in parentheses, no injuries or deaths ever. it is still unclear whether this investigation will actually lead to a recall. it's not uncommon that they will do an investigation and then at
Nov 26, 2013 1:00pm EST
between los angeles and chicago, and that might work, might not work. it's too tricky in order to say we're going to bring in a foreign carrier to fly a few flights in a particular route. >> right. given the weather situation, phil, which, of course, is always changing, how much are the cancellations if they do happen on a widespread basis, going to hurt the airlines over the next couple days? >> flight aware said that they've canceled 339 flights today. i think there will be some impact, but not a huge impact. we haven't heard any estimates from wall street at this point. the airlines factor in x number of days a year where they expect to have a storm that's going to cancel a significant portion of their flights. doesn't help that these are hubs on the east coast that are getting hit by this storm, but so far, based on what we've seen i don't think it's going to be a huge impact, sue. >> well that's some good news. thanks, phil. appreciate it very much. ty, up to you. >> folks, this holiday season is going to be the shortest in at least a decade and this winter storm is adding to retail
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7